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Learning Tower - Natural (Taking Pre-Orders Now

Learning Tower - Natural (Taking Pre-Orders Now

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Learning tower is a helping aid that helps your child do activities like brushing, washing, cooking, baking and small counter activities with minimum help from you

Kindle their curiosity and creativity: Letting them explore by giving them more possibilities feeds their creative brain and also answers a lot of questions in their curios little brain.

Independence gives confidence and boosts the self-esteem of your little one: Children need to be as independent as they can be for their age. This independence liberates your little ones by making them more confident ensuring they grow up to be a happy adult.

Understanding and learning the environment: Children need to be a part of an activity to understand, learn and do it one day. To make your child a part of your routine you must ensure that they see what you see. Helping a child see activity from the adult's perspective gives a lot of clarity and calms your baby while you work.

Quality and purposeful time with the adult for better parent-child bonding: Your child gets to spend more quality and purposeful time with you. This makes your bond with them better and stronger. This also gives your little one a better sense of belonging in the environment.

This product is made to order. The product will be dispatched by 7days from the date of order.


18+ months


Wigwam Plywood

35.5*15.5*11.5 inch


Made in India


A Charmed Life presents Ariro, a brand that wishes to be every child’s first toy. The mission is to create simple, safe and minimal toys for purposeful play.

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