Mee Mee Breathable Premium Baby Diaper Pants with Wetness Indicator and Leak-Proof Edges (XL, 20 Pcs)

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Vendor : Mee Mee

Product Type : Diapers

Sku : MM-3060 XL PK-20

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We know that nothing is more powerful than a mother's touch. No one can give your baby the kind of softness and protection you can. Inspired by mothers, Mee Mee Premium Diaper Pants use super absorbent polymers technology to make a premium quality, breathable product that is exceptionally soft and cloth-like. Equipped with a unique Wetness Indicator, it helps you to know that it is time for a diaper change by simply turning green.

About this item

  • Highly absorbent, ultra-thin and made of quality breathable material for added comfort
  • 360° comfy-stretch waistband gives a snug fit and is easy to pull up, even by your toddler
  • Leak-proof edges ensure all poo remains inside always while your baby wiggles and moves around freely
  • Cloth-like fabric for your baby's sensitive skin. Wetness Indicators are available on all sizes so that parents can change the diaper when it's full
  • Super absorbent polymers have a strong leak-lock system which turns liquids into gel & absorbs multiple wettings, giving a dry and fresh feel

How To Use

To Wear: 1. Open and Place a Mee Mee Breathable Diaper under Baby's Bottom keeping the waistband below the navel

To Remove: 1. Hold Down the sides of the diapers and gently pull the tape over.

To Dispose: 1. Wrap the used Diaper and dispose off in a dry waste bin. Please Do not flush.