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Merry Go Round Diy Paper Art & Craft Kit - Jumboo Toys

Merry Go Round Diy Paper Art & Craft Kit - Jumboo Toys

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A beautiful fairy tale comes out when you open the box its really fun to make this toy. Merry Go Round is now truly a 3D interactive paper made DIY toy which the kids has to build by themselves. Seems impossible believe us and check the images and the video as how easy it is to make and how beautiful it works. Its very colorful and very sturdy. Make sure before starting to create the toy the step guide is been checked thoroughly so as to understand as to where each of the pieces needs to be stuck. The colors of some of the parts may differ from the actual photographs shown in step guide. Make sure to take out all the parts from the box and understand each part as to where they are to be stuck. Build the merry go round following the easy to make step guide. As you start building the toy make sure each part is firmly pasted with the craft glue and give it time to dry properly so as to make sure they work properly. Do not rush to make the toy or it wont work as its shown. Have patience and build it slowly.Once the merry go round is ready which comes from our series of Theme Park toys many more to follow the series you can play with it. Put it at a stable place and rotate the top notch and see it in motion. The horses and elephants go round so smoothly you wont believe your eyes. Don't just take our word make one for yourself.

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