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Misty Forest Wooden Sudoku Game

Misty Forest Wooden Sudoku Game

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Wooden Misty Forest Sudoku Game set is made to promote your child’s problem-solving skills by helping them understand abstract problems, developing reasoning, and coming to a conclusion. Playing with this Sudoku set will help your child understand arithmetic patterns, memorize numbers and symbols. Teach your child to rely on their instinct and become an independent learner by gifting this set.

Learn Through Play: The wooden sudoku is specially designed for toddlers. It is a logic puzzle that uses numbers and requires you to identify patterns to complete the puzzle. Sudoku improves skills of logic, analysis, and pattern recognition. It encourages kids to think in a mathematical way.
Wooden Misty Forest Sudoku Game: The Sudoku set includes 16 wooden blocks numbered 1-4, 2 acrylic checkerboards, and 25 (4x4) cards. The blocks are of different sizes ranging from 3x2x2cm to 9x2x2cm and have creative animal prints on the cards to make learning fun.
Portable: The product includes 4 number blocks, 25 cards, and 2 acrylic checkerboards. This sturdy wooden set can easily be packed into any carry-on luggage and is a perfect travel partner.
Product Size: 20X22X5 cm, Weight: 1.1 kg
Recommended age: 4+ years

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