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Montessori Palmer And Pincer Grasp Puzzle

Montessori Palmer And Pincer Grasp Puzzle

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DESCRIPTION: The palmer grasp block is introduced at around 8 months. The child learns to grasp the cylinder with his palm (radial palmer grasp) and pull it out of the block and tries to place the cylinder back into the block. The pincer grasp block is introduced at around 9 months, when the child is working hard to grasp objects with the thumb and index finger. This activity hones their concentration and fine motor skills.
These beautifully handcrafted set of blocks make a great first puzzle for your little one.
The puzzle is inspired by the Montessori knob and knobless cylinders.
Helps your baby develop the varying grasp patterns.
Hones concentration and fine motor skills.
AGE GUIDANCE: 8 months+
MATERIALS USED: Handcrafted from Neem wood and sealed with organice oil blends making it completely child safe.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so keeping them clean is simple.
Wooden toys can be wiped with a dry cloth for daily maintenance and cleaning.
No Soaking. Never submerge wooden toys in the water.
Do not leave them in a direct sunlight.
You can moisturize wooden toys by apllying Coconut oil or olive oil sparingly with a washcloth. Then let it dry.
Made in India
A Charmed Life presents Thasvi, a brand that understands the importance of children's safety. The brand ensures that its unique, handcrafted wooden toys are completely child-safe and, importantly, accessible to all.

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