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Montessori Shelf

Montessori Shelf

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It’s a quick and easy to assemble Montessori shelf. It can be used at home or at schools and play centers.
With the Montessori approach, you always want to be promoting independence in the child when you can.
Our Montessori shelf is built at a proper height for the child, so they can reach all of the items on the shelf.
Another aspect of the Montessori style shelving is that the front is completely open (with no doors) so that everything is on display for the child.This invites them to engage with the activities.
How Should you Set Up My Montessori Playroom Shelf?
If you look at a Montessori classroom, you will often see the following with the shelving:
Activities at a height that all children can reach
Activities on display so the children can see them (not tucked away)
Activities aren’t too cluttered (fewer options)
Activities are on usually on trays

Material: Laminated MDF Wood

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