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Montessori Toy - Phonics Objects Box

Montessori Toy - Phonics Objects Box

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- A box containing ten to twelve objects, the names of which are phonetic (single symbol – single sound)
- Objects could be: jug, bus, car, hat, basket, hat, box, clog, pig, dog, peg, bag, drum, etc.
- Supply tray – pencil, paper, and scissors
- Prepared labels


- The child is ready for this first reading experience with classroom material if he reads words in the environment such as a book title, a word composed with the Moveable Alphabet or another word someone else has written.
- The directress writes in the chosen script and the labels are also typed in the same print.
- Be sure the presentation conveys to the child that reading is another way to communicate.
- A Charmed Life brings you a curation of Montessori Toys & Montessori Tools to help you raise your child the Montessori Way. The children are accustomed to working with second sounds and may need some time to fuse the sounds together to make a word with meaning.

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