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Shop Mood Chart - Penguin by ilchipilchi best BOOKS -

Mood Chart - Penguin

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"Treat this like a one-page storybook
Read the chart to your child often at bed time
After reading all 9 emotions, ask your child which emotions did they feel today (they can mark/draw feelings in the circles)
Gradually your child will start relating to the chart
When your child fusses, gently remind them of how their animal friend reacted
Helps children articulate  feelings
Helps children recognise positive and negative feelings
Helps parents/caretakers check-in on children
Builds resilience in children 
improves vocabulary "


3 years to 7 years



  • "9 emotions - confused, confident, hungry, satiated, hot, cold, social, aloof, playful
  • Mounting board included 
  • Draw to express your emotions 
  • Synonyms and opposites 
  • 9 penguin facts 
  • Reusable 
  • Crayons wipe off easily with wet wipe "


How to use the activity kit?

  • Read the storybooks to your child
  • When doing the scrapbook activities, first challenge your child to recall what he/she read in the storybooks
  • Help your child by opening the storybook page that matches the scrapbook activity
  • The scrapbook could take up to 5 days to complete, depending on your child's interest
  • Finally, encourage your child to be creative with the penguin art. Display your art on your wall or cupboard or anywhere you please! 
  • Click a picture of the activities and wall art, and tag @ilchipilchi so we can show it off to the world! 



  • Improves vocabulary 
  • Improves memory 
  • Improves cognitive function 
  • Improves concentration 
  • Improves creativity 


Additional features 

  • Storybooks "written" by the penguin - so the child can connect with the penguin 
  • Some scrapbook activities encourage comparison of self to the penguin 



  • Storybooks: 3.5 inches x 5.75 inches 
  • Scrapbook:  3.5 inches x 5.75 inches 
  • Pasting sheet: 6 inches x 6 inches 
  • DIY wall decoration: 5 inches x 5 inches 

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