Shop Multi-sensory Activity Mats by Elemeno Kids best  -
Shop Multi-sensory Activity Mats by Elemeno Kids best  -
Shop Multi-sensory Activity Mats by Elemeno Kids best  -
Shop Multi-sensory Activity Mats by Elemeno Kids best  -

Multi-sensory Activity Mats

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A set of activity mats that use back-and-forth interactions with your lil’ one to boost their cognitive development. Using a wide rage of themes, and an even wider range of materials, these mats are perfect to enhance your child's’ ability to think, understand, communicate, remember & imagine; all through play!

How to Play:
- Place any mat on the floor / bed.
- Follow the instructions for the activity of that particular mat.

The Mats & their Activities:
- Loop it: The world is your playground as you make different objects with a thread while looping it through the buttons.
- Well Dressed Jungle: Match and place different clothes on the Animals to create connections.
- Bullseye: Warm up those lil’ arms. Aim & throw the velcro ball on the mat!
- Catch & Match: Go fishing as you match the different dish as per colour & size.
- Pair it: Memorize the positions and the match the elements of the Solar System!
- Shape Up: Use the ice cream sticks to make shapes of every size and kind.
- CopyCats: The world’s going to look a whole lot more interesting! Stand on the mat with your child and get her/him to copy your actions and vice versa!

So, why should you buy this?
- Helps children meet developmental milestones.
- Activities on these mats have a direct impact on the Gross Motor Skills, Learning Skills & Intellectual Skills.
- A great way to facilitate interactions with the child.

Contents: 07 Multisensory Activity Mats + Felt Velcro Pieces + Ice Cream Sticks + Thread + Velcro Ball.

Ages: 9 months to 36months

Activity Mat Size: Each Mat is 13 * 17 inches. One Mat is 24*48 inches.

Weight: Full Kit – 5 Kgs / Half Kit – 3 Kgs.

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