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My Bappa

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"My bappa kit enables children to make their own bappa and that to in a way which builds their
fine motor skills as well. It's a fun way in which the kids can make their own bappa with the
help of our stacking blocks in the set. They can also decorate their Bappa by making a garland
with the help of the craft papers provided in the kit."

Content : "• 8 stacking blocks
• Ears
• Trunk
• 2 hands
• Fevicol
• Stickers
• White thread
• 3 self adhesive velcro
• 2 craft paper"

Features : "The humble stacking toy helps -
• Stimulate fine motor skills
• Improves hand eye co-ordination
• Enhances problem solving skills
• Helps to understand goal setting and achieving it.
• Improves shape identification and colour recognition
• Helps to understand cause and effect relationship"