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Glee Natural Toys

Nom Nom - Plush Fish Rattle And Teether

Nom Nom - Plush Fish Rattle And Teether

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Fear not young friend, Nom Nom is here to relieve you of your teething troubles and itchy gums. We feel the toy which is put in the mouth should be as close to nature as possible.
Nom Nom is a neem wood teether, polished with cold-pressed coconut oil for smoothness. It also has a plush fish rattle to soothe your child with the warmth of naturally dyed cotton.
The bright red patches and sewn in the rattle make Nom Nom attractive and double up as a rattle as well.
Neem wood has natural antibacterial properties which make the teether all the more suited to your baby's chewing needs.
Safety recommendations
We recommend products including loose pieces of fabric, rope and string toys, and toys with small parts be used only under parental supervision, especially for children under 3 years old.
12 cm x 4 cm x 8 cm
1 Plush neem wood teether
0 - 2 Years
Neem wood, cotton, non-toxic paint
Wipe with a damp cloth for maintenance and cleaning
No Soaking. Never submerge wooden toys in the water, No washing
Do not leave them in direct sunlight as the colour may fade
You can moisturize wooden toys by applying Coconut oil or olive oil sparingly with a washcloth and letting them air dry
A Charmed Life presents Glee Natural Toys, the brand that's all about plastic-free, worry-free free play. Their vision is to set you free to play! The brand is the brainchild of parents who aspire to make unique toys accessible to all so that grown-ups can engage with children and get in touch with the child within. The toys are ethically sourced and thoughtfully designed for sustainable, unadulterated play.

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