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Peppa Pig Famjam Card Game (3-7 Years) By Shumee

Peppa Pig Famjam Card Game (3-7 Years) By Shumee

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Product Description:

A complete set of 54 children card game from Peppa’s world featuring the Pig, Rabbit, Wolf, Dog, Zebra, and Elephant families that helps build imagination, develop communication skills and stimulate curiosity through engaging play.

  • 54 brightly colored Sturdy cards with the images of Peppa pig and all the friends from her world. Instruction card on how to play a different variation of the card game provided in the box. Travel-friendly and great fun at parties, picnics, and holidays.
  • A great choice for a return gift, especially to Lil' Peppa Pig fans.
  • Two ready to play variations
  • Collect & complete the entire set as with regular cards.
  • Match and pair family members game. Instructions inside!
  • Use cards to create stories for an interactive session with your child.

toys for problem solving skill developmentUnderstanding  connections between families, matching one to another, discarding unwanted cards, all help develop problem-solving skills

toys for building communication skillsTalking about families, and characters on the cards, and making and understanding complex connections enhances communication skills.

Holding the cards, handling them, shuffling them, sorting and stacking all develop fine motor skills.

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