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Peppa Wooden Stamps And Sticker Diy Set By Shumee

Peppa Wooden Stamps And Sticker Diy Set By Shumee

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Product Description:

A beautifully handcrafted Peppa Wooden Stamps and Sticker DIY set of blocks and stickers for fun and hours of learning activities play! Watch your child explore their creative side and develop self expression with these finely made blocks and colours.


  • Two wooden handcrafted blocks with Peppa pig and George images for kids.
  • Party celebration stickers with images of balloons, cakes, buntings and party elements for imaginative art play.
  • 5 Colourful folded cardstock that can be used to create messages of greetings and thanks etc. using the activity stamps kit and stickers.

How to play?

Dip the stamps in colors and print images on paper, cloth, gift wrapping and more. Paste the stickers to add a fun and colourful celebration element to cards, greetings and more.

Multiple ways to play

  • Create a T shirt to gift or wear with Peppa and George images.
  • Print toddler items (bibs, bags, wipe cloths etc.) with Peppa and George stamps.
  • Make your own unique gift wrapping with newspaper and brighten it with Peppa pig or George images in different colours.
  • Print images and paste stickers on card stock to create greeting and thank you cards


toys for fine motor skill developmentHolding the blocks and printing the images hones fine motor skills.

 Creating visual images and experimenting with colours develops creativity and innovation. Using different mediums to print on enhances imagination.

Every child will use the stamps, stickers and colours in their own unique way and tell their own story. Using colours, and images to create different items stimulates self-expression.

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