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My House Teacher

Play And Colour Kids' Game

Play And Colour Kids' Game

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Be the first to fill in your coloring sheet and win the game!
The game can be played in 10-20 minutes.
Each player starts with the same coloring sheet. Someone rolls all 3 dice. All players use the dice roll and each one chooses a number and color from the dice and colors in one of the spaces on their sheet with that number. Several players may use the same number and color (P.S:- Sharing is good!)
The sheet should look colorful and pretty. Choose colors wisely!
As soon as a player has colored in all the spaces on their sheet, the game is over and they win
Made in India.
Contains: 4 coloring sheet designs (with 20 sheets each)
12 colored pencils from Camlin
2 color dice
1 number dice
1 rule page
Size: 8 inch x 6 inch x 1 inch
3 years onwards
Paper, wood and plastic
A Charmed Life presents My House Teacher, a Gujarat-based start-up founded by Kirti Aggarwal. My House Teacher's products are made in India and include games and toys that make learning fun. The brand provides simple and effective items that a parent or a teacher can use to engage and teach kids from 0 years to 11 years—playfully.

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