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Almitra Sustainables

BYO Travel Kit

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BYO Travel Kit BYO Travel Kit is an on the go kit which can help you to carry your reusable and be more sustainable.

Product Contains:

1 * BYO Cutlery Wrap
1 * Bamboo Straw
1* Bamboo Cutlery Set (Fork and Spoon)


BYO Wrap-12,

Bamboo Straw-7,

Bamboo Cutlery-0.9

BYO Wrap-6.15,

Bamboo Straw-0.23,

Bamboo Cutlery-0.14

BYO Wrap-0.12,

Bamboo Straw-0.23,

Bamboo Cutlery- 0.4

Packaging: We ensure that all our packaging is Eco-friendly

Material: Cotton,Bamboo