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Bobo & Boo

Bobo & Boo Bamboo Adult-Sized Drinking Cups - set of 4 - Coastal

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All of us at BooHQ know that this parenting gig is hard work and at the end of some days,
you just need a big olÕ drink (of juice). Sadly, glassware and children donÕt seem to mix. Designed for the big kids (and the big kids at heart), these adult-sized bamboo cups are
made from the same good-for-the-planet, eco-friendly stuff as the ones we make for the
little tackers, so the whole family can now drink easy.

Durable, stackable, lightweight, and available in a range of gorgeous and vibrant colours
that the whole family is sure to love, our new larger cups are perfect for picnics, parties,
everyday living.

bobo&boo has created durable, eco-friendly dinnerware that can withstand even the fiercest of toddler tantrums; however, we canÕt 100% guarantee that our bamboo products wonÕt break when dropped or thrown (especially by a grumpy threenager who doesnÕt want to eat their vegetables).

The good news is that it wonÕt shatter like glass or ceramics, but it may chip or crack if hurled against hard surfaces. We recommend you treat your bobo&boo goods like you treat your Little Boos: thoughtfully, patiently, and with lots of love.