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Type: Trim All in one cloth diaper - Kindermum NanoSpecial features:


1. Nano range of diapers are trimmest, pre-prepped diapers with organic cotton inserts.

2. Snap-able inserts saves stuffing hassles, also avoids bunching.

3. Main organic cotton is lined with soft fleece material to keep baby's bum dry.

4. Designed as side-snapped for better trim fit and easy to put on baby!

5. Use this diapers without inserts as swim diapers as well.

6. All the inserts are made up of GOTs certified organic cotton and are highly absorbents.

7. Kindermum Nano comes with 2 inserts, which is suitable for medium wetter baby for night time.

8. Kindermum Nano Pro comes with 3 inserts, which is suitable for toddlers and heavy wetter babies for night time.

How to Use

Nano AIO are versatile in use. Use diaper shell with flats, prefolds, or any other inserts such as microfiber, charcoal bamboo or hemp.
For daytime main organic cotton insert would last for 3 hours for medium wetter baby.
For heavy wetter baby, add the booster insert.
For nighttime use and heavy wetter baby , extra absorbency can be added in pocket of shell to use them for nighttime as well.

Just snap the inserts on shell, and put on baby, its as simple as that!

Age guidance: 3 months - 3 years (one-size diaper) Weight: 3 kgs-15 kgs

 Material Used:

Outer layer is waterproof and breathable PUL , inside lined with softest fleece to give stay dry feel to baby. Comes with 2 pre-prepped inserts which are made up of GOTS Certified organic cotton. Nano Pro version is specifically for heavy wetter babies and for nighttime use. Nano pro comes with 3 organic cotton inserts.

Wash Care

Machine or hand washable. Avoid fabric softners and detergent with addictives. No not use BRUSH on diaper.

 Box contains: One pocket shell with 2 GOTS certified organic cotton inserts 

Product Length in cm Product Breadth in cm
17 cms 14 cms