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PERFECT GIFT TO GIVE : Create Lasting Memories - Watch their faces light up when they see what they created with their own two hands! Give your child a gift that fosters their creativity and hands-on learning that they can keep for a lifetime! Ideal for ages : 10 years+ .


INCLUDES : Complete kit includes materials for making 2 dolls and their costumes, trims & accessories for the dolls, paper patterns and fabrics , 1 fabric glue , and an illustrated book of instructions . Everything you need for your little one to create their very own handmade doll! The kit comes with a beautifully illustrated booklet with instructions and a little peek into the culture of West Bengal. Get creative and learn to make dolls dressed in Traditional Costumes of Bengal. This complete Doll kit from Bengal is perfect for a Festive present, Birthday gift, rainy day crafts, sleepovers and crafting parties! This Kit encourages non-digital and tactile play . We stimulate creative thinking and imaginative play while sharing the rich cultural heritage of India. EASY TO MAKE. Easy to follow step by step instructions. The kit is suitable for teenagers, parents, and grandparents of all ages. No sewing required. Adult supervision and help needed . Difficulty level Ð Medium.

Material Used: No plastic . 100% natural

Dimensions(lxh)(cm): 22x19.5x3.5 cm