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For Parents BLACK & WHITE DIAMOND IKAT - MEH DAI Cuddle n Care ACharmedLife.in


Cuddle n Care
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Age/weight Guidance: They can be used for our baby since birth 3.5Kgs to toddlers (20 Kgs).

Key Features: These carriers come with:

* A completely adjustable body – length-wise and width-wise.

* Hood protection from weather. Also allows discreet nursing and supports the baby’s head while the baby sleeps on the back

* Specially designed wrap style shoulder straps with padding on shoulders makes it more comfortable by evenly distributing the weight over the caregiver’s body.

* Allows the caregivers to try beautiful finishes through the long wrap straps

* Padded waist for extra support and comfort They can carrier can be worn on Front, Back and Hip

Materials used: Handwoven Cotton

Care instructions: - Always wash your carrier once before first use. The natural fibres have tendency to colour bleed a little hence wash separately for the first few washes.

- These, easy to care carrier go more breathable and softer with subsequent washes.

- They are lightweight and foldable to be carried with ease, using small space in your diaper bag as you travel or shop.

-Soak your carrier in the salt water for few hours and rinse with plain water. - As the fabric that we use is hand woven, there could be variation in the colour, texture , weave and may have uneven finish. This should no way be considered as any flaw of defect as they are inherent to hand made fabrics.