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Chalk and Chuckles

Chalk and Chuckles Sandwich Mix Up- Speedy Tactile Shape Recognition Game.

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The Chef Dog is proud of his silly-i-cious sandwiches that will have everyone drooling. But, just before he has a chance to deliver his order of 6, the monkey has managed his mischief. The sandwiches have come apart. Help the Chef to put them back together in the right combinations in a race to touch, feel and match the sandwiches. A fun family game for all ages. Let the 3 year olds play a simple game of matching and opening and closing the sandwiches. Or play a game of memory and let the whole family join the fun in a fast-paced touch and feel game. Players rush to form a complete sandwich by combining their senses of vision & touch. Collect points based on speed, number of complete sandwiches & the number of shapes in each sandwich. The player with the maximum points wins the game. Simple to understand and play. Contains: 30 MDF Bread Slices, 6 chef hat tokens, Game guide. For 1 to 5 players. Ages 4 to 99 years.