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Chalk and Chuckles

Chalk and Chuckles Claim and Save- Strategy Board Game for Families and Kids.

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Claim and Save builds on the idea that people around the world are trying to save endangered species and animals by conserving natural resources and by creating reserves. Preserving forests and planting is a first step towards reforestation.
 A simple strategy game! Based on the classic game 'Dots and Boxes,' two players take turns placing grass pieces to create fenced-in reserves for the endangered animals. Complete a square/reserve, draw an endangered animal token from the bag and give the animal a new home. Gain points for every reserve you create and make your contribution towards the environment by creating reserves for these endangered animals. The more endangered the species you create a reserve for, higher your points. Continue play until all of the land is fenced with reserves. The player with the most points wins this simple strategy game.
 Develops spatial-reasoning skills, promotes simple strategy and builds environmental awareness and knowledge of endangered species.
 Contains: 1 MDF grid, 144 grass hedges, 64 animal tokens, 1 cloth bag, 1 score pad, 1 pencil, Instructions Age: 6+ years