Shop Baby Doodle-Large Kinder Wetbags by Kindermum best Sustainable Diapering -
Shop Baby Doodle-Large Kinder Wetbags by Kindermum best Sustainable Diapering -

Baby Doodle-Large Kinder Wetbags

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Kindermum Large Wetbag Features :
***WATERPROOF : Kindermum Wetbags are 100% waterproof with double lining of TPU, which can also contain oder. This is wetbag is perfect combination of style and need .

***LARGE SIZE and SPACIOUS: Kindermum wetbags comes with two compartments to store wet and dry clothes/diapers. DIMENSION of Large Compartment is : 30cm X 40 cms and MEDIUM COMPARTMENT dimension is : 30cms X 35 cms . They comes with custom created cutest baby prints and looks attractive!

***STURDY STRAPS : Wetbag comes with two strapped handle with snaps, which makes it easy to hang it anywhere on bathroom knob or stroller or rod.

***MULTI-PURPOSE : To carry water-bottle and lunch box. Since they are leak-proof, it would save lot of mess.
Carry wet clothes after swimming. Ditch the plastic, choose re-usable!
Make-up accessories...and list can go on!

***Kindermum Large wetbag can contain around 6-7 cloth diapers , and few accessrise like cloth wipes. It is Completely MADE IN INDIA product.

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