Ramayana Snap Card Game (4+ Years)

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A special deck of cards based on characters from the Ramayana. This Ramayana snap card game is a fun way to introduce your child to the epic, familiarise them with Indian mythology, and have the perfect family game night!


  •  A deck of 52 playing cards, with 13 delightful illustrations of characters from the Ramayana. There are 4 cards of each character.
  • A play guide with a children’s version of the Ramayana and instructions for 6 different games that can be played with these cards.


  • Works on focus, concentration, and speed as you race to collect cards by
    identifying the pairs and crying Snap! as fast as you can.
  • This fun family game with no limit on players is a great way to bond with kids.
  • Helps work on academic skills and initiates fun conversations around animals and natural life.
  • Perfect to carry along on road trips, picnics, and even to play when stuck indoors on a rainy day!

toys for problem solving skill developmentYour child will learn to problem solve as they understand and implement the rules of how to play each card game.


toys for fine motor skill development
Picking, holding, and moving the cards will help hone your child’s fine motor skills, especially their grip and dexterity.

toys for curiosity skill development

Playing with the different Ramayana-based characters will get them curious to know more about the book and Indian culture. The lovely illustrations are sure to spark your child’s imagination and inspire them during pretend play and their other creative projects!

How to play ?

This playing card game for kids is a great way to get your little one interested in the Ramayana and Indian culture. You could begin by reading out the story in the manual and showing them each of the characters on the cards. Get them familiar with the cards by laying the deck face down and playing a memory game.

You could then play a card game of Snap, where players snap up matching cards played one after the other. As your child gets to know the cards and characters, make your way through the other games in the play guide. This pack of card games for toddlers can easily be carried around and is perfect for both travel games and indoor game nights!