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My House Teacher

Reusable I Spy Mats Set - Rhyming Letter

Reusable I Spy Mats Set - Rhyming Letter

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It has been designed for budding readers. This set includes 18 ending sound mats like AT, AN, AP, and is perfect for young children who are learning the beginning letter sounds. Each mat focuses on a single word family. Surrounded by bright, fun images, children need to determine which word ends with that sound on the mat making them ideal for children to practice differentiating between ending sounds in words.
Contains: 18 full-page mats included for every family
18 answers corresponding to each family
26 wooden alphabets
1 write & erase pen
Size: 12 inch x 9 inch x 2 inch
4 to 7 years
Thick quality card coated paper, Wooden duster, Good quality write and erase pen, Wooden 26 alphabets
A Charmed Life presents My House Teacher, a Gujarat-based start-up founded by Kirti Aggarwal. My House Teacher's products are made in India and include games and toys that make learning fun. The brand provides simple and effective items that a parent or a teacher can use to engage and teach kids from 0 years to 11 years—playfully.

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