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Wooden Rolling Peg Ball (1-2 Years) By Shumee

Wooden Rolling Peg Ball (1-2 Years) By Shumee

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Product Description:
A lovely wooden ball with multi-coloured legs that will keep your baby fascinated and engaged for hours!


A bright yellow wooden ball with 6 colourful pegs pop in and out as the ball is rolled.

How to play?

- If your baby is still crawling, place the ball at a distance and ask them to crawl and get it.

- If they are walking, show them how to roll the ball and ask them to try it.

- You can play a game of roll and catch or count the number of times the ball rolls and the pegs pop in and out.

- Your child will love to explore the ball, so you could just hand it to them and let them discover the unique design of the toy.


toys for development of sensory skills


The bright colours will help with visual stimulation and the well-rounded pegs will enhance tactile stimulation.

toys for development of curiosity skills


The bright colours and fun design will engage their sense of curiosity and keep them exploring for hours.


toys for development of fine motor skills

Rolling the ball and playing with the pegs will hone your baby's fine motor skills.



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