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Scoobies Magpad-Dots

Scoobies Magpad-Dots

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Replace the age-old slate board with this high-tech magnetic writing board.

  • 7 Double-Sided Picture Cards - Put the picture card inside the beadboard & pull the beads to create the design using a magnetic stylus.
  • Learning - With audible click sound, enhance colour, shape, symmetry, pattern & motor skills. Also, refines sense memory.
  • DIY Pattern Building - Apart from design cards, let your kid designs their own patterns & symmetry with their imagination.
  • STEM Skills -Boost problem-solving, spatial thinking, analytical learning & independent working skills.
  • Confidence Building - With each new pattern, kids gain more confidence & ability to learn & write more.
  • Safe for kids - Made with durable ABS plastic, it is non-toxic & risk-free. The stylus is designed tiny to give a comfortable grip to little hands.
  • Portable - With the size of 21 (L) x 23.5 (W) x 2 (H) cms, it is portable. Carry it to long drives, vacations, or to your favourite spot.
  • Quality Time - Play it together with friends & family and boost your kid's communication & social skills.
  • Gifting Option - Take it & woo the little giftees.
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