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Space station dream catcher

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"Children are always fascinated about the moon, stars, astronut and space. In our space station dream
catcher, we give them an opportunity to dive into the magical space with a rocket, where they can
meet and astronut, see a satellite, dream about a shooting star and spot an UFO. They can paint
create and make their own little galaxy with their imagination. Once it's done they can make it into
a wonderful dreamcatcher and hang it in their room. Afterall, the world is but a canvas too their

Content : "• 1 Ring
• 1 Crescent Moon
• 1 Astronaut
• 1 UFO
• 1 Rocket (DIY)
• 1 Star
• 1 Satellite (DIY)
• Colours to paint and brush
• White string
• 1 Hook"

Features :"• A complete DIY activity, it gives an opportunity for children to make full use of their imagination.
• Cultivates observation, thinking and creativity.
• Helps the child brainstorm.
• Helps enhance the child’s self-confidence.
• Develops patience and concentration as they focus on completing 1 task at hand.
• Painting, making their own satellite and rocket develops motor skills.
•The happiness and satisfaction of making your own toy is unparalleled!"