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Montessori Spindle Box

Montessori Spindle Box

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A box with 10 compartments with the numerals from 0-9 on the back of each compartment and each compartment will have a respective number of spindles.
There will be a total of 45 spindles.

Meta D:

Two boxes exactly the same, each with five compartments. At the back of each compartment is painted a symbol in black, starting from 0 and progressing serially up to 9.
The spindles clarify the idea that the symbols represent a certain quantity of separate objects.
To introduce the concept of zero and its symbol.

Example: Once all of the spindles have been placed, look at compartment 0 and notice that there is nothing in it. Say, “This is zero. Zero means nothing. That is why there is nothing in this spot.

To reinforce the natural sequence of the numerals. To reinforce the idea that there are no other symbols other than 0
to 9.


Age: 4 years

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