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Starry Castle And Fantasy Characters Wooden Blocks By Shumee

Starry Castle And Fantasy Characters Wooden Blocks By Shumee

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Product Description:
Set the stage for a magical world of princesses, unicorns and dragons with this gorgeous set of wooden blocks. These castle and fantasy character blocks are the perfect toy to stoke your child’s imagination with hours of pretend play!
  • 22 smooth, well-rounded wooden castle blocks.
  • 7 standalone fantasy character blocks.
  • The castle blocks come in 6 different shapes to piece together in various ways.
  • They come in soothing pastel colours with starry patterns that will spark your child‚Äôs imagination and keep them enticed in play for hours.
  • The character blocks come in the shapes of a wizard, a witch, a princess, a knight, a unicorn, a dragon, and a goblin.

How to play?

Place the blocks atop each other to form a castle with fortresses. Let your child use different combinations of blocks and change the setup each time! Use the character blocks to tell stories. Does the witch cast a spell on the princess? Does the unicorn help the wizard slay the dragon? Encourage them to weave tales around the castle and its inhabitants and watch this become one of their favourite toys!


toys for problem solving skill developmentYour child will learn to problem solve as they figure out different ways the blocks can be placed together to build the castle.  

toys for fine motor skill developmentThey will hone their fine motor skills by moving around the small wooden blocks.

toys for creativity skill developmentEncourage your child to spin fun stories of what happens in the castle and develop their imagination through play.

Made with fine pine wood and beech wood and colored with non-toxic safe, lead-free paints. Tested and Certified by ASTM International Standards.

Dimensions: Each block is approx 5cm in LxBxH. Each character is ~5cm in height and 1 cm thick

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