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Sweet-Slurrp Pancake Up - Fun Family Board Game By Shumee

Sweet-Slurrp Pancake Up - Fun Family Board Game By Shumee

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Product Description:

Do you have what it takes to become a Pancake Champion? Introduce your little one to the exciting Sweet-slurp Pancake Up - Fun Family world of business and customers with this pancake-store themed board game! The lovely illustrations and best delicious combos are sure to get your little one hooked and make this a game night and playdate staple.

A gorgeously illustrated and super fun pancake-store themed indoor board game for kids that includes:
- 1 order display board to play on
- 5 order counters to keep track of your score
- 48 yummylicious pancake order cards
- 9 dice with different offerings
- 18 power-up and penalty tokens each
- 2 muslin bags to store components
- 5 round trackers to track game rounds
- 1 first player token

The pancake orders are pouring in and you’re in charge of serving! All you have to do is roll the right combination of dice and complete as many yummylicious orders as easy you can. You need to be quick and efficient to serve hungry customers. But don’t worry – you will have help from special tokens along the way to make your job easier. The game comes with a booklet that explains each element and all the rules in detail.

Problem solving : Learning the rules of the game and trying to complete the most amount of pancake orders will hone your child’s problem-solving abilities.
toys for curiosity skill development

Curiosity: From the rich and flavourful pancakes to the idea of cooking and serving them, the game has many elements that are sure to pique a child’s curiosity.

toys for communication skill development

Communication: Taking orders and working to fulfill them for make-believe customers makes this game an engaging role-playing experience that will hone your child’s communication skills.

This toy is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

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