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The Avo – SleepBox, Genius Collection

The Avo – SleepBox, Genius Collection

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Our custom-printed "The Avo" nightwear comes in a learning print to teach children that its okay to feel all emotion. Based on the mood meter concept that is widely accepted to teach children to identify emotions to build emotional vocabulary and therefore, emotional granularity. A rich emotional vocabulary goes a long way in helping children be better adjusted emotionally, and have fewer fights in school.

Read along with books that discuss an emotion + how to deal with it.  You can even order the whole set of 5 books that come with the Avo. 

  • 100% cotton
  • classic shirt style
  • Olive green cotton piping
  • adjustable waistband and drawstring to fit even a thinner waist
  • AZO free dyes
  • sizes 2-7 years

Model is wearing size 5-6 years.

OriOri’s “Avo”print nurtures EQ through:  

  • Words - invoke sensory perception through touch, encouraging development of communication + language
  • Building emotional vocabulary - deepening understanding of major emotions + stimulating the brain
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