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The Little one’s Barn

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"Our Little One's Barn will boost your
child's creativity, allowing them to make
their own barn (a new model each time)
and form their own little farm world. It comes with
a duck, a horse and a pig to play with,
which again they can make themselves...It
has a pond and some hay for pretend
Let's encourage our children to dive into
the world of open ended, super fun play."

CONTENT : "6 Pieces of Barn (Three Blue and Three red)
• 1 Farmer peg doll
• 1 Tree
• 1 Horse (3 parts to be fixed together)
• 1 Pig (3 parts to be fixed together)
• 1 Duck
• 1 Pond/Muddy puddle
• 2 Broad Ice-cream sticks
• 4 Thin Ice-cream sticks
• Fevicol Stick
• Hay for pretend play (eg-to feed the horse)"

FEATURES : "• Encourages open-ended-Play
• Enhances creativity in children
• Allows them to use their imagination and form their own ideas
• Makes them intuitive and more focused in their play
• Improves curiosity
• Provides an opportunity to grow in confidence and competence.
• Improves Cognitive Skills in a visual and tangible manner.
• Improves their Fine Motor Skills and Pincer Grip, as they insert the pieces and assemble
the individual pieces
• Develops patience.
• Encourages Pretend Play
• DIY (Do It Yourself) form of play stimulates the development of a child.
• It helps them to be independent as it fosters self-esteem, enhances problem solving abilities and
decision-making skills"