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The Little Wanderer

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The little wanderers -  A wonderful toy just perfect for open ended play! With the "Little wanderers" we bring to you a toy that allows them to explore, experiment and express imagination.  Give the, the trees to set up a pretend forest, or the boat to enact when they are reciting "Row row row your boat". Pr even the lofty mountains and lake when they are singing "5 little ducks when out one day.... over the hills and faaaar away!!" Or just ;et them set it all up together and create the lovely whistling woods. 

MATERIAL : Solid Wood

CONTENT : The kit contains:
- 4 trees
- 1 Boat
- 2 Mountains
- 2 Peg dolls
- 1 Felt river

FEATURES : The humble stacking toy helps -
• Stimulate fine motor skills
• Improves hand eye co-ordination
• Enhances problem solving skills
• Helps to understand goal setting and achieving it.
• Improves shape identification and colour recognition
• Helps to understand cause and effect relationship

AGE : 3+ years