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The Neighbourhood Network+ Enchanted Forestland Storybox

The Neighbourhood Network+ Enchanted Forestland Storybox

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This Gift Set of 2 comes with two storytelling boxes at a discounted price of 2000, only.
The pack contains
Enchanted Forestland Story box
Its time for the kids to delve in an adventure with our Enchanted Forestland Story Box. Help Andy get the loveable Lua Lua back home with the help of the book and storyboard in this product. The wooden characters can be moved along on the storyboard which has the story mapped out with a path for the characters to move.
This adventure-based story game is surely loved and keeps the child engrossed for a long time. Soon, your child will be telling stories using the board and characters. The Storyboard also functions as a board game and can be played by 7 players.
Contains a book with 6 original stories authored by our team,
7 wooden characters,
a storyboard/board game
and a dice.
Neighbourhood Network
There are many people around us, who help us in many ways as we go about our day. This is a fun activity-based game, with a storybook, an activity map, characters and DIY activities.When your child starts playing they will make friends along the way, and learn with them about the community helpers in details, using the storybook. And the activity map.
The kids will be able to move the characters on the map, and learn more about their respective locations! They will also do a fun DIY activities, funsheets, colour a badge and award their favourite community helper with a Happy Helper star and even comes with gardening supplies! Dont forget the chef hat that will definitely want the kids to try their hand at cooking.
Also there is something exciting for all the booklovers - the box contains a library card, that can be personalized with a passport size photograph and can be used by parents to keep a track of their reading habits from their library at home.
15+ Characters
Activity Map
DIY Activities - Chef Hat, Police Badge, Happy Helper Star, Library Card, Gardening Tools & Seeds
2 to 10 years

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