Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki
Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki
Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki
Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki
Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki
Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki
Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki
Board Games THREE STICKS Kitki


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Award winning STEM game based on geometry that also develops Creativity, Logical Thinking & Curiosity.

- CREATIVITY - Can you make a shape using only 2 sticks? What if you add your 2 sticks to those placed on the board by other players? Think creatively & earn points for the shapes you make.

- SEVERAL POSSIBILITIES - A new game every time you play! From a simple triangle to even a decagon - play & learn about all.

- EASY TO LEARN & fun to play for the whole family. Scrabble-like game for shapes.

- FUN FOR ALL AGES - Play with your children, grand kids & students. Entertaining for all ages above 8 years!
The game consists of sticks of three different lengths - 3, 4 and 5 units long. Use these to try and create geometric shapes. Based on the size and type of shape, you earn points. Sounds simple? Not quite. Firstly, you don't get to choose the sticks - it is determined by a randomly chosen card. And secondly, you can use only two sticks per turn! Creating a shape using only two sticks is impossible. Hence you have to use your two sticks along with the ones that the other players may have placed on the board. That is where the game turns highly creative. Which two sticks will you use? Where will you place them? Think creatively to win.

For 2 - 4 Players

 22.9 x 24.1 x 5.1 Centimeters

  • Helps children understand geometry practically.
  • Improves their ability to use principles of geometry and solve problems.
  • Develops creative thinking & curiosity
  • Helps realise how a complex shape can be broken down into simpler shapes.
  • Fun maths game for kids & adults. Ideal gifts for boys & girls.

  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Spatial awareness of shapes
  • Numeracy

This board game for kids consists of several sticks of three different lengths - 3 units, 4 units and 5 units long. Each player places only two sticks in their turn on a central board, adjoining any existing sticks in an attempt to create geometric shapes. As per the size of the shape and its complexity, players earn points. The first player to reach a total score of 500 points wins!

  • ​Four 9 inch x 9 inch boards: 4 specially designed plastic boards that merge to form one huge board.
  • 75 Plastic Sticks: Sticks of three different lengths (3, 4 and 5 units) that may be used by the players to create geometric shapes on the board. Their protrusions ensure the sticks remain in their place on the board.
  • 1 Shape Bonus Chart: A reference card that lets players determine the bonus points earned as per the complexity of a shape.
  • 12 Score Markers: Players use these markers to represent their score along the integrated scoreline on the board.
  • 20 Reload Cards: These cards randomly determine the six sticks a player may use during his/ her turns.
  • 20 Power Cards: Each player is awarded five power cards at the beginning of the game. Players may use these to strengthen their position or slow down other players.
  • 1 Reference Card & 1 Manual: All the help needed to play and master the game.

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