Transporter Truck (2-5 years)

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Product Description:
Vroom vroom! This handcrafted wooden transport truck set is a wonderful toy for your child to add to their vehicle collection! It is small and portable, with easy grip for little exploring hands.

What will I get?

- A pastel green kids activity toy truck with a detachable trailer that has smooth wooden pegs to hold cars in place.
- 2 blue and pink cars that can be placed on the truck or played with separately.

How to play?

Tell your child about what a transporter truck is and how this wooden toy truck can be used. Fix the truck together and add the cards on top. You can create stories as you play and pick up each broken-down car along the way! You could also play with the cars separately or have the truck be a part of a larger road travel game.

What will my child learn ?

toys for development of fine motor skillsFine motor skills: Fixing the truck together and playing with the cars will hone your child’s fine motor skills.
toys for development of gross motor skillsGross motor skills:
 Moving the truck and cars along during play will hone their gross motor skills.

toys for development of curiosity skillsCuriosity:
 The unique truck with cars on top is sure to get your little one curious about its use! So be prepared to explain it all to them.