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Tuk Tuk - The Tricycle

Tuk Tuk - The Tricycle

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Bilateral coordination | Understanding direction and speed | Preparation to ride a bike

Wooden Push tricycle 

Push cycle is essential toddlers developmental aid. It enhances the fun quotient in your baby's everyday routine while supporting their developmental needs in multitudes. 

Benefits of a good tricycle 

A push car can help children with body balance and stability.  

Riding a push bike can help children work on their confidence and independence. When they learn to control their movements toddlers feel immense pride that in turn boosts their brain development. 

It also indirectly prepares them to start learning a bicycle. 

It also exercises their muscles while making workout fantastic. 

Ariro's Tuk Tuk 

Our tricycle can hold upto 40kilos and be sturdy on all surfaces. It comes with smooth finish and child safe paint. Its easy to assemble and store. 

**parental guidance necessary at all time 

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