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Montessori Walkers And Shopper'S Trolley

Montessori Walkers And Shopper'S Trolley

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DESCRIPTION: •Our walkers and shopper’s trolley is such a fun and engaging toy. It is such a multi purpose product and can be used many years by a child. The trolley is entirely wooden and it is very sturdy.

•Babies use the walker to stand, support and walk. They can keep their favorite toy in the walker and this encourages them to walk more because they can take their favorite toy wherever they go.
•The wooden trolley can be used by the toddlers as pretend play shopping cart. The toddlers can learn new concepts with it like introduction of objects, introduction to math and many more. 
•You can have a setup like vegetable market or a shopping market and ask your child to bring individual names. This enables them to learn and count objects.

The walker’s and shopper’s trolley encourages a child to walk more and great for toddlers to have pretend play. It very good to introduce concepts.

 Special Features: Montessori , Gross Motor Skill development , Cognitive skill development

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 Age : 1 years and above.

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