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Glee Natural Toys

Wee Wee Car - Pink

Wee Wee Car - Pink

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Cars and vehicles are universal and timeless in their appeal to young children. Wee Wee cars come in a choice of primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and make for endless playtime as your child drives them across all surfaces (and takes them to bed).
Each car is made of pinewood and ivory wood, which are traditionally used by toymakers as they are lightweight and smooth-grained
Finished with non-toxic paint and lac polish, it is perfectly safe if (accidentally) put in the mouth, though it is not a teether
The edges are smoothened for safety and comfort, and the toy painted a single uninterrupted primary colour to be attractive to young eyes
The cars are perfectly sized, not too large and unwieldy to grab, also not too small to attract babies’ attention
The Wee Wee car is easy to handle and has no springs or batteries to complicate matters, thus making an excellent first push toy
Contains: 1 wooden car
Size: 10 cm x 3 cm x 5 cm
NOTE: Small parts! Please ensure adult supervision at all times.
1 year onwards
Pinewood and ivory wood with non-toxic paint and lac
Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, hence not affected by germs as much
They need cleaning about once a month with diluted mild detergent or vinegar
Never soak your toy, as wood is very porous and it may lose shape
Air-dry, as the natural colours may fade on exposure to direct sunlight
Moisturize your toys periodically, applying mineral oil or olive oil
A Charmed Life presents Glee Natural Toys, the brand that's all about plastic-free, worry-free free play. Their vision is to set you free to play! The brand is the brainchild of parents who aspire to make unique toys accessible to all so that grown-ups can engage with children and get in touch with the child within. The toys are ethically sourced and thoughtfully designed for sustainable, unadulterated play.

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