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Whimsical Unicorn Pink 500Ml Flask

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Baby Moo’s Flask is made of thermos steel technology. This stainless steel bottle with superior insulation performance allows you to carry a chilled or warm beverage for hours. Useful on the go or even at home! The bottle is easy to clean and maintain. It is also tough and durable


  • Double wall Insulated Flask
  • Keep your drink hot or cold for long hours
  • A great gift for your friends and family
  • High quality, convenient and portable
  • Easy to use with a¬†multi-purpose cover
  • Non-toxic,¬†
  • Resistant to damage
Made of high quality stainless steel and food-grade plastic accessories 

  • Clean the body of the cup with neutral detergent before use.¬†
  • When using, add hot water or ice water to preheat or cool.
  • Tighten the stopper in a clockwise direction to prevent leakage.
  • Unscrew the cap counterclockwise when drinking.
  • It must be cleaned after each use with mild neutral detergent.¬†
  • Do not use bleach, whitening agent or chlorine-containing cleaning agent, so as not to damage the product.

  • Do not pack carbonated drinks or dry ice,
  • So as not to spray out drinks or bottle corks.¬†
  • Do not pack milk
  • Don't put it next to the heat source, so as not to affect the function.
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher.
  • Do not heat in a microwave oven.

Material: stainless Steel

Product Dimensions: 20 x 12 cm

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