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White Light Elements

Anna Aabhar Chakra-Gratitude to the source

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Our meals are the source of energy as well as a mode of survival for us. We, the fortunate ones, have at least 3 meals a day. Nevertheless, the way we intake our meals has turned largely mechanical. We rarely relish a meal by being in complete awareness of what it is, where it comes from and what it does to our body.

How to use: Let the Anna Aabhar Chakra be permanently placed on your dining table, or any other place where you have your meals. Before having your food, rotate the chakra (akin to rotating a Chakki) and say the prayer ‘हे अन्नदाता, इस अन्न की उत्पत्ति, प्राप्ति एवं उपयोग हेतु आभार। इस अन्न का कण-कण सहृदयता, कृतज्ञता एवं प्रेम का संचार करे।‘

The prayer means that you are thankful to the entire process that brought the food to your table; and wish with all your heart that each grain of the food radiate thankfulness and love. This means, you’re thankful to
• The hands that cooked the food with pure feel
• The people who worked from sowing to reaping the ingredients
• The journey it made to reach the place where you could buy it
• The resource (money) that you had to buy it and above all,
• The Source – Mother Earth and its Elements