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Wooden 12 Piece Makeup Kit | Pretend Play Makeup Set For Kids (3 - 8 Years)

Wooden 12 Piece Makeup Kit | Pretend Play Makeup Set For Kids (3 - 8 Years)

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This 12 Piece Pretend Play Makeup Set will help you encourage your child's imagination and creative play, giving them the opportunity to have an exciting peek into adult life. If the idea of dressing fascinates your child, then this makeup set is the best way to let them try their hands-on beauty kits designed for children. The game is also a great way to spend some quality time with your kid. You can be the subject of their first makeup experiment and have fun together.

Everything in the set is sturdy and made of supreme quality. Moreover, each of the twelve pieces gives the kids a chance to explore and understand. The bottles and lipsticks are easy to operate and look exactly like real ones. The wooden comb can be used by kids to learn and practice combing hair on their own. The color palette will help them understand what kind of colors are used for makeup. All in all, this set will not only give them a sense of applying makeup but will also boost their self-confidence.

  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY: This realistically designed makeup set is a super fun way for your little one to learn about beauty tools and products through the world of role-playing and imagination. Through this pretend play, your kid can be a makeup artist, hairdresser, or nail artist, and enjoy grooming up their friends.
  • PERFECT FOR PLAY DATES: The pieces are tailored for small hands, allowing children to develop their fine motor skills. The toys are also not small enough to be swallowed and thus, absolutely safe for younger kids.
  • PORTABLE: Your Little artist can play and carry it along wherever they want to. The foldable cloth case with cute compartments for each piece allows children to take this playset to a friend's house and even travel with it. It also makes it extremely easy to store the entire set and not lose any pieces.
  • QUALITY: This 12 Piece of Makeup Set is entirely made up of wood and painted with eco-friendly, non-toxic paints. There are no sharp edges or prickly surfaces.
  • Recommended Age: 3+ years
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